Tuesday, May 19, 2009 | By: Lucka Tedjho

Dayak Music Art

Property Arts ethnic music not only in Indonesia is dominated by ethnic Java and Bali only. Dayak tribe in Borneo (Kalimantan Island) have art and culture that are still developing and the more up to now.

When viewed from the musical instrument used, Dayak ethnic music can not be separated from the means of Gamelan music. Only a few changes in the rhythm and sound.If in Javanese Gamelan, Gong sound is more smooth and has a regular rhythm.While Dayak Gong have a more sound hard, dry and loud.Because,Dayak Gong have a body that is thin compared to the Javanese Gong have a body more thicky.So that why Dayak Gong produce a loud sound and "feel of freedom".

And the Dayak Dance is not so divicult than java dance. Java Dancing feels so soft with the feel like the past in kingdome era.But not with the Dayak Dancing .That feels, Dayak dance as if we are to bring in jungle.Feel so close with the nature.
What if the voice sounded the Sampe'/ Sape'.The atmosphere felt the forest interior. Sampe '/ Sape' is a traditional Dayak
guitar with 3-4 strings. And the '/ Sape' this is that makes Dayak tribe music art have a differences from the other tribe in Indonesia.

If you traveling to Borneo / Kalimantan Island, especially Pontianak city -West Borneo. You can pay a visit to Taman Budaya Pontianak/Pontianak Art Garden. You can go to Ahmad Yani street to get a information or see the Dayaks dance and music in a live performance. Usually this is performed at the Pontianak Art Garden,art and culture displayed often.
Not only are pure
Dayak dance performanced.But that you can also see the mixing of contemporary dance art and culture Dayak, Malay, Java and China works of the local artists.Insted visited Taman Budaya Pontianak, you can also pay a visit to the Museum Building Pontianak. Because of the location adjacent to Taman Budaya Pontianak/Pontianak Art Garden.

Ethnic Balinese Gamelan Music

Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach, Kintamani Beach, Bedugul and more tourism to the beach you can visiting.And more restaurants with a Balinese food.Due to this many people take the island of Bali as Paradise Island.

In addition to tourism and coastal forests, Bali tourism also offers arts and cultural and ethnic characteristic. Barong Dance, Kecak Dance, Monkey Dance, dance Keris always held in every place.

Encourage the presence of tourists gamelan and dance artists to create works of secular all the time that can be played for the entertainment of tourists. Gamelan Kebyar spectacular and brilliant show in the early 20th century and quickly spread from Jakarta to Bali whole region. Responding gamelan Kebyar is the tune, dance artists from the village of Tabanan, I Made Rio, he created works of excellence that is now known now as a dance Kebyar Terompong and Jago Tarung. Meanwhile, the interaction of artists with dance Bali German painter Walter Spier, secular bear Kecak dance which is then known as the Monkey Dance.

Bali art music use the same tool with Gamelan Gamelan Java. Distinguish between the Balinese Gamelan and Javanese Gamelan is a Balinese Gamelan rhythmic faster and more like hard music rock.But does not leave the smooth sounds. Gamelan Java more rhythmic than orchestra music.Like a property of Betthoven.
If you want to see the various arts Pagelaran Bali, you can come to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). At this Bali art everyday.You only need to buy entrance tickets Rp 40,000.

Never been to Bali? Want to visit again? Or have never been to Bali? But do not have enough money? Do not worry, at least you can feel the atmosphere of Bali even though only listen to Mp3 music with ethnic Balinese.

Download Balinees etnic music here. Youre comment please….